Job Description

(Chief Financial or Business Officer, Business Manager)

Responsible to: Head of School Personnel responsible for: Director of HR, Accounting Manager, Assistant Business Manager, other Business Office staff

  • Accounting:
    • providing for the production and filing of Federal, state and local tax forms, including sales tax, social security tax, property tax, W-2 and Personal Property Tax
    • benefits, including FICA and insurance
    • recording and tracking all revenue, expense and miscellaneous journal entries
    • coordinating detail budget preparation as requested by Head of School
    • preparing periodic financial reports for Board, Finance Committee, & Head of School
    • fiscal year end work, including a full audit
    • maintaining sound accounting and other business practices
    • reviewing and updating accounting, purchasing and other procedures
    • remaining current on tax laws as appropriate
    • establishing and maintaining an appropriate chart of accounts
    • reviewing regularly cash flow, revenue and expense reports
    • providing for the maintenance of a depreciation schedule
    • developing and recommending tuition payment plans and schedules
    • collecting all monies owed the School
    • payment of all properly approved bills
    • establishing and reconciling bank accounts
  • Finance, Investment, Endowment & Planned Giving:
    • establishing short and long range financial plans in consultation with Head of School
    • establishing and maintaining appropriate banking/financial relationships
    • recommending and implementing investments for School funds
    • coordinating endowment & restricted fund definitions with Development Director
    • performing financial analyses as requested by Head of School
    • reviewing and signing contracts where the School is a party
    • monitoring current debt and recommending borrowing needs to Head of School
  • Plant, Major Projects and Transportation:
    • participate in development of short and long range physical plant plans with Head of School and Plant Manager
    • monitoring and modifying utilities usage
    • identifying transportation schemes
    • develop transportation contracts as appropriate
    • work with Plant Manager in development of plant budgets
    • remaining up-to-date on current insurance issues
    • maintaining the appropriate amounts and types of insurance for the School
    • work with Head of School, Plant Manager and outside consultants on major project planning, budgeting and financing.
  • Payroll and Personnel:
    • work with Head of School and Director of HR to manage this area
  • General Operations:
    • maintaining appropriate School operating permits and licenses
    • provide credit card and vendor card options as appropriate
    • evaluating, purchasing and maintaining office equipment
    • facilitating purchases of office supplies
    • work with Director of Technology to purchase telephone and FAX equipment
    • developing and generating enrollment contracts in consultation with Admissions Department, Head of School and legal counsel
    • participating in the review and development of procedures for school activities
    • participate in developing, reviewing and revising School forms in consultation with other staff
    • supervising post office function, including pickup and distribution of mail
    • monitoring activities relating to legal and insurance issues with recommendations to Head of School as needed
    • attending other meetings as requested by Head of School
    • performing other functions as requested by Head of School
  • Miscellaneous & Board of Trustees:
    • reviewing requests for use of facilities
    • reviewing contracts for facilities
    • serve as the staff liaison on the Finance, Site and Facilities, and Investment Committees
    • attend regular board meetings.

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