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Emerging Technologies


Final Wiki Project
RSS - What is it, and how can it be used in education?
Current Event
This site outlines the process of MIT’s PDA Participatory Simulations. These are games programmed for PDA is to teach various concepts. The philosophy behind these games is that people learn well when they are highly involved in the learning process.
There are several games on this site. One notable game is “Virus”. In this game, players meet other players one at a time. A random player is ‘infected’ with a virus. As the game progresses, more players become infected. There are several parameters, such as incubation period, and immunity that affect the outcome. Players can experience how viruses (both in people and on computers) spread.
These games seem engaging. According to the site, older versions of the games were fragile, and undependable. If these games are robust enough for the young student, they have the potential for being informative and fun. What a great way to motivate kids (and even adults) in their learning process.
List Serv question
ISED-L ( is a listserv for the Independant School Educators.
I posted the following question to ISED-L [2]
Our school has a separate music building. We are hoping to equip the building with a midi lab. I have 2 questions:
1. Have you recently installed a midi lab? If so, what are your recommendations?
2. Can you help me find links about midi labs?
Thank you.
Jeannine Shantz
Saint Maximilian Kolbe School


'What is one laptop per child? OLPC was started by Nicholas Negroponte about 4 decades ago. His mission is to get poverty stricken countries to take an interest in this program to better the edcation for the children of today, and make them better thinkers and and learners with brighter futures.

Websites for onelap top per child This website provides info. on the mission, progress, hardware, software, and how to get involved.

This website provides a video with insight on the goal for one laptop per child, which is to change the way students learn. If used correctly, this project will totally encompass the constructivist approach.

Current Event

This website explains why India has rejected one lap top per child. The government feels that money would be better spent on classrooms, teachers, and education plans that already exist. Also, they haven't heard of any major countries, like America, sign on board for this project. I think India's government may have a point. They need the basic essential tools first, like trained teachers, before investing in a technology that the teachers would have no clue as to how to use them with their students.

List Server

I have signed up for a 2 week trial for a discussion server at I have added people to my my list. It is only for people that I have added to my list, so I will have to include my classmates. I sent them a question asking how can this server help educators and students? I just wanted to get an idea of how they expect it to be used for educational purposes.

2/7/07 Ex. of Wiki and articles about Podcasting (my research topic) Example of how a teacher and students use Wiki How to use podcast at your school article Profcast - helping teachers enhance their podcasts This article talks about what Profcast has to offer teachers. The website is included in the article, which allows you to download the program and use it at your convience. It has easy to use icons and tech. support.


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Current Event I attended a webinar last week about Google resources. The gentleman presenting was Sergio Anaya, a curriculum specialist who was one of fity teachers on the east coast who attended Google Academy. This site uses Google Earth in conjunction with literature projects...

Google Earth is more than a map of the planet. Using overlays students can develop projects such as remapping the Lewis and Clark trail using labels and popups on a Google Earth map. This wiki, on the left hand side, has Google resources (including Sketch up). Science teachers can use Google Earth to track hurricanes and earthquakes (you can check the number of earthquakes that have occurred in the last hour--California is fun to look at).

Google SketchUp is a free program that allows students to draw three dimensional models for a variety of class projects. "Dream, Create, Model"

Emerging Technologies Dan


Final Wiki Project
Google Technologies Wiki

Emerging Technologies Katie ckatie

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