Cable ProvidersEdit

Is your cable company switching to a digital signal?

We just received notice that Comcast will be shutting off its analog cable feed. The ability to distribute analog cable in schools and to watch or record TV without a cable box is going to be gone as of June 1, 2007.

Satellite ProvidersEdit

We have DirecTV too as well as Dish. However with those systems just like digital cable you need a box per viewing channel and potentially per viewing location. Currently we have 70 classrooms each with a projector and an analog tuner. Each classroom can watch a different channel if they want or choose to watch one of the two directv channels or one dish channel we inject as an analog station. In order to have the same setup in each classroom we would need 70 directv or digital cable boxes and in the case of directv change our distribution amps. Also all of our existing TV's and VCR's would need to be outfitted with a box to enable them to tune in stations.

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