Building A Digital Library for both you and your students will provide a good basis for success in schoolwork.

  1. Multireference disk Microsoft's Bookshelf contains a concise dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, thesauras, book of quotations, and chronology on a single CD-ROM.
  2. Encyclopedia The Grolier Mulitmedia Encyclopedia is my choice because it provides excellent hypertext searching tools and many illustrations.
  3. Image Collections Most students when working on writing papers, history and science projects need a collection of maps that can be modified such as those in atlases. The software below are good ways to explore images.
  4. Digital Verical File
  • Titles from National Geographic: Mammals: A Multimedia Encyclopedia; Picture Atlas of the Worls; The Presidents: A Picture History of Our Nation
  • Photo collections from Corel: disks are available on different countries, animals, parks, important cities, and a variety of other topics
  • Media Clip's Worldview:an art gallery of images from all over the world

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