If you have any type of brownbag professional development at your school, please add a description of it. How cool if we can wind up with a variety of models from which to tweak our own systems.

Faculty-to-Faculty Edit

Faculty-to-Faculty consists of professional development sessions at Rye Country Day which are offered by faculty during the school day or just before or after school. What began as a way to share technical expertise has evolved (and continues to evolve) into a program that aims to be well-rounded in addressing a variety of interests.

Those offerings that take place during a 30 minute "bring your lunch" session or in the morning before school begins are a combination of hands-on, explication, discussion and demonstration. Due to time constraints, the sessions tend to be sharing forums and will pave the way for our end-of-year workshops in June, where there is more time to explore and develop ideas and fluency. Sessions that take place at the end of the school day can be more in-depth due to lack of a tight time constraint.

Here is a pdf for our 2005-06 Faculty-to-Faculty. This is our second year of such offerings, and we are in the process of adding to the spring sessions and planning for next year.

Some of the concerns we are thinking about include:

  • thanking/recognizing the people who give the sessions-when, where, how to do this
  • improving the scheduling (ah, but that the entire school schedule could be addressed!)

Many of the Faculty-to-Faculty sessions lead to further meetings during the school year which are one-on-one in nature, either between the session presenter and a faculty member, or between a faculty member and me. A large part of my role at school is to provide small group and one-on-one support for technology related professional development, as well as organizing Faculty-to-Faculty and our June workshops. More on my role in the On Demand section. (submitted by L Bartels)

Enter Your Program Here Edit

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