Examples of Laptop Use from Brenda (

1. ExploreLearning ( It's a subscription site, but worth the cost.

2. PowerPoint: Have students do their powerpoint presentations with pictures and graphics only - no words. This requires more preparation by students. They will learn the material better, and you will get more interesting presentations. Alternatively, limit the number of words they can use per slide.

3. Digital Videos: If you have students make digital videos, ask them to create (or act out) "What if?" scenarios? This is particularly effective in history when students have to consider past and current implications of events.

4. Inspiration/Kidspiration - can be used in all subject areas

5. Microworlds Logo. In Grade 7 math, we had students create a "lesson" animating an example of FOIL. The turtle came across the screen, picked up the first term, moved to the next "first" term, so we could see the product. After depositing this result, the turtle moved up to grab the next term, moved over to find it's product, and place it in the answer line. The programming was incredibly simple and didn't get in the way of the concept. The animation was a great way to demonstrate FOIL. This was just one of hundreds of applications of Microworlds.

6. Free animations online. Do a google search for your topic + flashmx. eg "Boyle's Law + flashmx" or "Beating Heart + flashmx" You could also just use + flash.

7. Teach students to use Track Changes and Insert Comments in MSWord. It is surprising how many students (even adults) don't know about these features and they are very useful for peer-editing and teacher feedback. That's it for now. Next time I have a few minutes (or a good idea) I'll post it.

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