Thread: Managing Change

  1. transition to Vista/Office 2k7
  2. project planning
  3. parents/community

Thread: Leadership

  1. student leaders
  2. faculty/staff leaders
  3. roles/responsibilities

Potential topicsEdit

  1. wastefullness/recycling
  2. transition to Vista
  3. equipment life cycle management;
  4. product experts
  5. LS issues/
  6. information literacy
  7. best tech stories
  8. books by Allan November
  9. grant development
  10. handling it all/keeping up
  11. av/it integration
  12. how do you incorporate tech into grading rubrics (how grade a visual assignement?)
  13. interactive sessions (disaster recover and network projectors)# book discussion
  14. library/technology integration
  15. emergency plans/communication
  16. global education initiatives
  17. tech and discipline
  18. Second Life
  19. Make your own FaceBook page
  20. Sharing great educational websites
  21. Copyright and plagarism
  22. Library/technology integration
  23. Fad tech/bad-boy tech?
  24. Hands-on Web 2.0 in the classroom
  25. Technology and international partnerships
  26. GoogleEarth
  27. Labs vs. 1-1 programs
  28. How to use students in your tech program (leveraging--or not--students in your tech program)

Share your ideas for sessions for the 2008 AIMS Technology Retreat.

Some thoughts from Susan...

1. Technology Development plans - what are schools doing currently? Do they have formal, funded and ongoing plans for faculty tech development? How are heads of school involved in the planning and implementation? How important is FTD in your school? How do you "educate" your head of school?

2. Whose in charge here? - Do tech leaders have a dotted line or straight line to leadership? Do you sit on your school's management team and/or academic planning team? If so, how influential is your role in curricular decision making?

3. Best practices - share examples of transformative teaching at all levels - lower, middle and upper Panel discussion - what works?

Action Research session - Marlene, ie video game influence on boys

Book talk - Generation MySpace, Howard Gardner book?

Some thoughts from Bill Pickett (posted by Lynn)

Retreat – I am sure my perspective is slanted but I would suggest: 1. a session or two on websites – the new version ( serving up data (portals), mashups, the future….) AND a session on disaster recovery/co-location agreements/hot sites/virtual servers.

A thought from Lynn... Session: 24/7 technologies and students (article in NY Times 11/22 In Korea,Boot Camp Cure for Web Obsession)

Roya-- Session: LS Issues---How much is too much for use in lower school technology education. What technology should we use with lower school students; pressure of using the available technology just because it’s out there and is being used with older students. Should we modify to fit the younger students even though they are geared toward the older?

Mike- Session; Virtual servers are becoming a norm in business. Both Microsoft and VMware are making big moves in this direction. What are the impact and advantages’ for schools?

Marty- Do you think there would be interest in assistive technologies? Here at Odyssey we use Kurzweil (for reading and study skills) as well as several other assistive technologies for our population of special learners. I think question number 2 (Susan's post) is key to effective leadership and technology. It's also important to have the Business Manager (CFO) on board as well.

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