A page to play around with ideas related to school design issues

-Collaboration needs to be a much bigger part of the curriculum -What needs to be done to encourage a strong work ethic? -What are we doing well that we want to make sure isn't negatively affected by the redesign -Employees of schools need to have a bigger role in governance of the schools -The schedule is probably the big thing that needs to change, it is the driver of almost everything else in schools, it determines what is possible in the curriculum, it drives the nature of instruction, etc..

-Digital information may be working as a solvent that is weakening the existing structure of schools... preparing the way for a phase shift.

-First iterations of complex new activities are often flawed. Subsequent iterations are often much better as problems get ironed out.

-Advantages our schools have

  • kids are taught ro be competitive, trained in healthy competitiveness via team sports
  • kids are taught to be creative, new and innovative approaches are encouraged, not always but often
  • kids are taught to be open to diversity, diversity in ethnicity, religion, sexual preferences, and learning styles

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