DVD DuplicatorsEdit

  • We have been using a stand alone unit made by Kanguru for a couple of years and love it. Don't know if they have one that copies 50 at a time - ours duplicates 5 at a time. Very easy to use - put in a master and 5 blanks and press run - that's it.
  • Before you purchase the duplicator there's alternative that might make sense for you. If' you're planning on distributing DVDs of school events to parents, for a fee you can publish the DVD online and the parents can order them from the on line vendor. Most parents don't mind the cost and they can order a copy at their convenience with a credit card. They'll get a shrink-wrapped DVD with art work you choose. I've worked with people who have used services like these although I've never done so myself. A Google search brings up a few choices: One caution about purchasing duplication equipment: if you buy it, be realistic about the amount of time it will require. Unless you're spending well into 4 figures you're going to get a device that requires you to load it with blank DVDs. The first run of 50 you do is kind of exciting; later you may find that feeding the DVD duplicator has an impact on time devoted to other responsibilities. B&H Photo is one vendor which sells DVD duplication equipment.
  • We are in the process of purchasing a duplicator from Diskmakers. It is a 4 drive system, the ElitePro 4.

A/V Device & Source ControlEdit

  • Projector Controls (on/off, source for projector, lighting, etc.)
    • Crestron (Phillips Exeter) have had some issues
    • Extron (Thayer) recommend wired remotes

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