Constituent Directory, including: search by name, interest, program, etc.; flexibility in available fields; integration with backend database; users can update profile themselves; privacy and ability to choose what info is made available to other alums; photos to accompany each profile

One-to-one Networking & Communication Tools, including: integration with directory; ability to create friends list (with contact info, if available); user capability to send email to those listed in directory or otherwise involved in community(authors of news items, participants in chats, etc.)

Many to Many Networking & Communication Tools, including: scheduled chat, discussion boards and listservs

One-to-many Communication Tools, including: newsletter (HTML/multipart, management of bounce-backs, auto opt-out/opt in, personalization of newsletter content based on alumni profile, interests, and constituency group(s) to which alum belongs, auto-archive); integration with back-end database; mass email communication functionality with segmentation and personalization

Content Management, including: team within Development and in departments can add, edit and delete content and photos; designated staff, students and constituents can maintain their own online journals, including both text & photos; Designated volunteers and alumni mentors can produce their own homepages to introduce themselves; photos to be uploaded into galleries by staff; photos to be uploaded into galleries by users

Content Personalization, including: based on user profiles and interests indicated by click-throughs, both content and navigation will be personalized on web site, including news articles, giving opportunities, online journals, photo galleries, scheduled chats, discussion boards, etc; content of newsletter to be personalized based on user profiles and click-through history.

Registration/sign-on, including: one password for all functions; instant auto-signup; automatic authentication and/or registration; guest access; integration with existing authentication database; ability for multiple levels of access (alumni, parent, guest)

Affinity Tracking, including: tracking and reporting of affinities by self-reported directory entries, e-newsletter click-throughs, community webpage click-throughs at individual and aggregate levels; targeted for solicitation and info-sharing purposes; integrated with back end database.

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