Welcome to the computer room! Today, please take this chance to learn some science and computer skills. That's today's objective.

Please remember to:

   * remain calm, maintain a good study atmosphere
   * use this time for science only – you will be getting two classwork grades today –
  1. one for being on task all period/ following computer room rules 4- excellent 3- satisfactory 2- below satisfactory 1- bookwork
  2. one for the quality of today's assignment 4- exceeds standard 3 - meets 2 - approaches 1- beginning
   * you may not go to any other sites or play any games even if you say you're done
   * if you print and it doesn't print- check with teacher before trying again (otherwise you may end up with many copies of the same thing)

All classes

  1. Silent Sustained Reading (SSR)
  2. Log on to to see your current grade
  3. out the weather report, type our zip code in the box

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