First of all, I want to thank Arvind for his flattering introduction. Happy to be president. So here comes the pushing:

We have permission from Apple to continue our discussion at their facility on Friday at 1:00pm. Arvind and I will be hosting this live conversation as a webcast, so if you can't make the meeting, you can listen and join in the chat room at

Here's the topic:

How does NYCIST create online open source professional development resource for technologists, teachers and administrators?

The reason that I want to start with this topic is that when I went to my first NYCIST meeting, it was so great to meet with other technologists. It would have been even better if I had that face to face interaction, as well as a read/write web space to learn about technology or teaching in Independent Schools.

So come on by on Friday -- or listen and join in the chat at I look forward to finding NYCIST 2.0 with you.

With warm regards,

- Alex

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