Connecting Outside the Walls

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Please note: These are just the threads. This does not indicate the schedule of when these sessions take place.

Sessions are as follows: D-Directed, P-Panel, F-Facilitated

Thread: Leadership (A Sessions)Edit

  1. A Hard Day's Night:AIMS07 Managing the 24/7 Classroom and all the associated issues - F -Charmaine Thompson, SFS, has agreed to facilitate.
  2. Field of Dreams:AIMS07 What is the vision, mission and principles of best practicesF -
  3. Snakes on a Plane:AIMS07 Disaster preparednessP - Susan Stadnik ? (Norwood), Rachel Jackson (SFS), ?
  4. The Conversation:AIMS07 Effective and Appropriate communications -F - Karen Dodge and Sharon Guyton (GCS)

Thread: IT/Networking (B Sessions)Edit

  1. Apocalypse Now:AIMS07 Disaster Recovery - D - David Rossell
  2. Days of Skype and Perpich:AIMS07 Video conferencing, technical aspects - D - Jenni Voorhees and Jon Zeljo (from off site)
  3. From Here to Eternity:AIMS07 Supporting the growth in the global classroom - F -
  4. How Green Was my Vista:AIMS07 Transitioning to VistaD or P - Matt Castanera (Beauvoir), Henry Dunning (Bryn mawr)

Thread: Teaching (C Sessions)Edit

  1. AIMS07 Learning management systems - Michele Moore
  2. Braveheart:AIMS07 Teaching in the virtual classroomF - Adrian LaRochelle (Bryn Mawr)
  3. Inspector Gadget:AIMS07 Classroom management of mobile devicesP - Marc Schmidt (GCS)
  4. AIMS07 Intro to Web 2.0 – David Warlick

Thread: Library/Media Specialist (D Sessions)Edit

  1. The Matrix:AIMS07 All-school research process, how to develop ethical and independent researchersP - Anne Mcdonnell, St. Andrew's School
  2. Back to the Future:AIMS07 Information landscape: past, present and futureF -
  3. Two for the Road:AIMS07 Library and technical coordinators – the dynamic DuoP - Patt Moser (SFS US Librarian and Director of Information Services) panelist; Marilyn Meyerson (Key School, Head of Libraries and Technology)
  4. Stayin' Alive: AIMS07 What do you do to remain currentP - Renee Hawkins (GFS), Mona Miller

Thread: Miscellaneous (E Sessions)Edit

  1. Lower School is a Many Splendored Thing:AIMS07 Sharing the best projects in lower school (p-5)F - Lydia Crooks, Key School LS computer coordinator
  2. AIMS07 Book: Don’t Bother Me,Mom--I’m Learning! - F - Marlene Sclar
  3. Splendor in the Class:AIMS07 Connected students: how to take advantage of it or is it just too muchF - David Withrow -
  4. Close Encounters:AIMS07 Collaboration: teaching partnerships - P -

Miscellaneous Notes & Links

Developing Effective Internet Safety Policies

Disaster Preparedness

AIMS07 Clean Slate: What Would a Brand New School Look Like?

Social Networking

Best Free or Open Source Software

What are kids doing with technology when they're on their own time

Read "The Overconnecteds" in the NY Times from 11/5/06 for a description of this phenomena.

For the schedule of when these sessions will happen, please see: AIMS Retreat 2007 Sessions Schedule.

To compare to last year's sessions, see: AIMS Retreat 2006 Sessions.

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