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Academic Superstore

Apple Computers

Audiovisual, Inc. Jeanne

Barnes and Noble Marlene

Blackbaud Lynn--wind breaker, towel, cup holders

CDW-G Lynn -- 2 HP Photosmart E327 digital cameras

Continental Technologies, Inc. Susan --A $2,400 Network Perimeter Security Assessment and a 4Gb iPod Nano

Design Data Systems Inc. Bill

DSR, Inc. Susan

DyKnow Demetri


GHA Technologies

Global Computer Bill - wireless keyboard and mouse and 1 gig key


Laser Line, Inc./Allison Matthews Associates Jeanne

Interconnect Services Lynn - $100 gift card for Barnes and Noble

Kunz Susan Kensington Roller Laptop bag

National Park Trust

Nelson White

PCR Educator Marty -- iPod Nano

Richard’s Computer Demetri

Rubicon Atlas Lynn - 2 desktop clocks, 4 pens

Software House International Lynn - 17" flat panel monitor and $50 gift card to Tiffany & Co.

System Source Marty - certificate of training (I have the certificate and will bring it to the next meeting)

Technology and Learning Roya

Technical Specialties Susan - 4160 HP deskjet printer

Here are some new additions to the list based on vendors with whom we have spent significant $$ in the past year. I am happy to make contacts and see if they might donate something. (Jeanne)

Bond Business Systems

Bell TechLogix (good luck with them; they were quite rude to me last year when I told them it was a "vendor free" event. marty)

CORE (Business Tech Solutions)


Franklin Covey

FirstClass Marty 2 travel wallets and 2 travel mugs

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