Connecting Outside the Walls

Keynote Speakers Edit

Sunday Night Keynote by David Warlick

Millennial Children in Our Classrooms

They are tech-savvy, adaptive, fast learners, always connected, and ultra-communicators. The children in our classrooms are a new species of learner who can see, hear, and speak through walls. Information is what gives their experience meaning -- and they do not merely consume the information. They play it, work it, and remix it into experiences that are personally enjoyable and valuable.

What kind of classrooms address the unique learning styles of Millennials and their future, which we can not even describe? These and other questions are core to retooling classrooms and reforming education. Explore the possibilities with this 30-year educator, about a new species of student, who demands to learn -- not to be taught!

Tuesday Wrap-up by David Warlick

  • it's about the conversation
  • ask your kids what video games they're playing...relate it to classroom conversation
  • form a video games club...have LAN parties
  • prepare your students for the future which they will choose to invent

Review and Reflection

We are teaching in a time of rapid change, preparing our children for an information-driven, technology-rich world. It is, perhaps, the most challenging time to be an educator, and the most exciting. In this final presentation, 30-year educator, David Warlick, will attempt to review and reflect on three days of exploration within the context of Millennial students and an unpredictable future. He will also cap the conference off with some demonstrations that are guaranteed to have you on the edges of your seats.

More Info: Bio, Online handouts, Blog, K-12 online conference keynote, Day in the Life of Web 2.0, Millenial Child
Committee Notes: Jenni's Notes, Marty's Talking Points for Call, Notes from Warlick Call

Synergy Sessions Edit

Please see AIMS Retreat 2007 Sessions for proposing and describing session topics.

Door PrizesEdit

Please See Donorlist for who we soliciting.

Retreat Schedule Edit

Sunday, April 22nd

  • registration opens at ???
  • dinner on your own in town (many going to the Crab Claw)
  • opening keynote at ???: David Warlick--global, big picture ideas. David's presentation "Teaching The Millenial Generation." (about 2 hours, opportunities for audience participation). Definition of Web2.0 and when do you use them? Most effective uses of these tools?

Monday, April 23rd

  • morning keynote: Michelle Moore: general overview of using an LMS (Learning Management Systems) to support classroom teaching & learning.
  • morning synergy sessions
    • "Intro to Web 2.0" by David. Define web 2.0, then open it to questions & comments.
  • afternoon synergy sessions
    • Michelle Moore will focus more on the specifics of using Moodle
  • "Table-talk" (after dinner) - more advanced Web2.0 implementations.

Tuesday, April 24th

  • morning synergy sessions 9:00-10:00am
  • closing keynote 10:45-11:45am by David Warlick relating to what he's heard and seen at the retreat, weaving ideas together, sending participants off energized.
  • lunch and door-prizes

Miscellaneous NotesEdit

How effectively are blogs being used? When to use a blog and when to use a wiki. Have David as a participant in a "Best practices" session first thing Monday morning. Michelle would be later in the morning

Make the presentations as interactive as possible. Keep people focused; adult learning style (turn to your partner).

Podcast the sessions if possible.

The MICCA conference (April 24-26) will also feature David Warlick. Their other keynote is Hall Davidson.

Keynote Speakers - notes, links to other speakers we considered.

AIMS Meeting Notes - notes/minutes from our meeting 10/24

The Connecteds - an article from the New York Times we are considering distributing to prime the conversation for the Sunday night keynote.

Other conferences: CIE, NYCIST, k12 Online.

Next year's AIMS 2008 Retreat conference will be on April 27-29.

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