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Dalton in NYC is a FirstClass school

Perpich Used at Sidwell Friends for Video conferencing Elg (private social networking) Developing effective Internet policies in schools Not just AUP but how you are adapting to changing technologies (FaceBook, IM)

Retreat wiki:

Theme: Connecting Outside the Walls Keynote: David Warlick Second keynote: Michelle Moore (Moodle)

Talk to David Warlick to avoid "canned" presentation Envision what we want to hear from him; educate him about the audience

Independent schools bring to the table--more access to technology and more leeway in how we use it Get to pedagogical level How do we educate the adults? Kids know this stuff. Get the adults to buy in and embrace technology. Remind him that he is coming from a classroom background; give authentic examples of how it's being used. Participatory session--more of a discussion Independent school standards--no "No Child Left Behind" Little emphasis on state standards Important to know the audience We are already converted Mission of independent schools What helps us do our job even better CALL HIM Tap into his prognostication; what's coming down the road. Embracing what's coming. How do we embrace these new technologies. We have to plan ahead. Beyond the bricks and mortar; where is education going? What will be the classroom in 5-7 years? Conference call to prep him. (Marilyn) Maybe during our next meeting. Conference call followed by email.

What does "Connecting Outside the Walls" mean? Virtual School (pandemic/disaster planning) How are we prepared to continue educating our students in case of a disaster that closes school for a long period of time. Tuition default clauses. Disaster preparedness Needs to be in place (Glenelg) so it just happens in case of a disaster

Schedule: Sunday night keynote--global, big picture ideas

Synergy session on Monday morning--nuts and bolts, how effectively are blogs being used; when to use a blog and when to use a wiki

Close on Tuesday --relate to retreat--weave ideas together--send participants off energized

Make the presentations as interactive as possible Keep people focused; adult learning style (turn to your partner) Tuesday--switch 9-10 Keynote and 10:45-11:45 session so that David speaks before doorprizes and lunch

Michelle is a teacher who is using Moodle (content management) in the classroom as well as training other teachers to use it; more hands-on, more anecdotal

Have David and Michelle both do the first Synergy Session to divide the group into Podcast the sessions

Have David as a participant in a "Best practices" session First thing Monday morning Michelle would be later in the morning

Use the wiki for planning. Alert members of committee if you make a major addition to the wiki Modeling what we are talking about

Post meeting notes to wiki

Elements of online communications. Wikis are not push technologies?

Definitions and when do you use them? Most effective uses of these tools? October Teacher Magazine has article about Will Richardson Writely (in Google) collaborative writing

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