== == AIMS Technology Retreat 2007 Session 4D Stayin' Alive: Remaining Current == ==

Let's face it. We're busy people. Attending the AIMS Retreat is a,...well,...a treat. It gives us an opportunity to refuel and renew our ourselves, and connect with our friends and colleagues from other schools. But where do we go for professional sustenance between retreats? What do we read? Listen to? Watch?

Let's put our considerable talents and experience together and create our own Top 10 lists of resources we use to develop ourselves professionally.

Podcasts: Edit

NPR Technology Today: Global perspective, clips TED Talks

Blogs: Edit

Bud the Teacher:[1] Inquiry and reflection for better teaching.

Technology on a Shoe String shareware, open source, tech help ideas, helpful websites

2 Cents Worth David Warlick's reflections on teaching and learning in the Information Age

The Fischbowl

Practical Theory

Weblogg-ed Will Richardson

Magazines: Edit

Independent School - Thomas De Zengotita Mediated

Technology and Learning


Learning and Leading with Technology

THE Journal

Connected Classrooms

Multimedia and Internt @ Schools

PC World

Wiki: Edit

Teaching with Technology - integration ideas, broad focus

Listserves: Edit



Email: Edit

Internet Scout Report (University of Wisconsin)


Librarians Index to the Internet

Websites: Edit

Google for Educators

Google for Librarians (James Martinez)

Marco Polo

ArtsEdge (Kennedy Center)


Educators: Edit

Alex Ragone

Demetri Orlando

Doug Johnson

Jamie McKenzie

Conferences AIMS Retreat NECC AISGW Computers and Libraries MICCA

Books Daniel Pink - A Whole New Mind

Will Richardson - Blogs Wiki's and Podcasts

Mel Levine - A Mind at a Time

Marc Prensky - Don't Bother Me, Mom. I'm Learning

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