Technology in Social Studies

7th Grade Links:Edit

Feudal Europe:

1. Germanic Tribes:

2. Feudalism:

3. Crusades:

4. The Black Death:

5. Byzantine Empire:

6. Islamic Empire:


West African Kingdoms: Ghana, Mali and Songhai:

Latin America:

1. Inca’s:

2. Mayan’s:

3. Aztec’s:

7th Grade Web QuestsEdit

For each of the webquests we will provide a title, link, and description.

1. Reliving the Black death:
A time machine will take you back to the Middle Ages where you, a a reporter, will do research as a Monk, A king and a Physician. What were the causes and terrible effects of the Black death?

2. The Crusades:
A team of students uses web resources to prepare an eyeqitness report on the Battle of Antioch.

3. Islam Webquest:
Islam WebQuestto has been designed to challenge and guide learners as they explore one of the world's greatest religions, Islam.

4. Imperialism in Africa:
Assume the role of foreign correspondents for a British newspaper at the end of the 19th century.Write editorials on imperialism in Africa

5. African Countries: The students are required to choose an African country, write a prediction essay about the culture in that country, conduct research, complete a graphic organizer, create a power point presentation and finally present a lesson to their classmates.

6. The Study of Africa Using a WebQuest:
Students are working in groups of 5, exploring the Five Regions of Africa. They are gathering information on many aspects of Africa, including their cultures, technology, healthcare, economics & government, languages, natural resources, ecosystems and wildlife. Five groups are putting a Travel Guide together. Students will present their research to the class using a Power Point Presentation with Streaming Video Clips.

7. Latin America Travel Brochure Webquest:
Students design a travel brochure that showcases countries in Latin America.

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