Technology in Social Studies

6th Grade Links:Edit

1. Rome:

2. Egypt:

3. Greece:

4. China:

5. Religion:

6. Geography:

7. Economy:

8. Government:

6th Grade Webquests:Edit

For each of the webquests we will provide a title, link, and description.

1. Chocolate a Webquest:
Shows students economic basics of how products start from raw resources to become a product. Also involves data charts and budgeting money.

2. Ancient and Modern Olympics:
For Greece unit – comparing Olympics.

3. Building Monuments in Ancient Egypt:
Students most evaluate how to build a pyramid in Ancient Egypt, including the materials, how they will physically build it as well as the design. 4. China Magazine Project:
Covers Ancient Chinese dynasties – students research to create a magazine.

5. Create Your Own Sumerian City State:
Allows students to see the process for why humans decided to settle and become farmers, thus starting the first human cities.

6. Greece and Rome Comparison:
Lays out comparisons of Greece and Rome on a variety of topics including geography, religion, sports, art and more.

7. Explore Rome:
Teams work together to unearth information about Ancient Rome.

8. Ancient India: Back to the Future:
In teams, students are asked to travel back in time via the Web and build a time capsule of artifacts from ancient India websites relating to daily life/medicine and religion (Hinduism or Buddhism). Final product is a class presentation where they show what they've chosen to bring back and why, explaining what their artifacts reveal about life in ancient India.

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