The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for one-to-one laptop and tablet programs includes the following considerations:

Purchase price of deviceEdit

  • These can range from $300 for a Linux Ultra Mobile PC to $2500 for a high power laptop or tablet.
  • Also consider including a carrying case as part of the purchase.
  • As an example of developing a computer cost comparison evaluations, you may want to look at this spreadsheet that was posted on the ning.

Warranty for life of deviceEdit

  • The warranty should cover all types of problems and damage caused to the unit. Sometimes this is referred to as an "Accidental Damage Policy." It's typically sold to be a three year policy, but vendors will sell a four or even five year policy at a higher price. It is essential, especially given the rough use which students typically impose on the machine.
  • You want your warranty to extend slightly beyond the expected life. That way, before you return them (if leased) you can get them repaired under warranty.

Insurance for theft, damage not covered by warranty, and fireEdit

  • If you are doing a program like Lenovo's ThinkPad Protection Program, be aware of what it does not cover. Get a rider from families home insurance or a rider on the school's propoerty insurance. After a few years of experience, you may decide it is cheaper to self insure.
  • In some settings or circumstances you might want to consider paying to install "Lojack for laptops" which costs about $100 for three to four years of protection.

Spare/Loaner PoolEdit

  • Anecdotal evidence reports a range of 5-15% spare pool.

Software (original purchase and annual updates or renewal costs)Edit

  • OS license
  • Management software for imaging, application deployment, & updates (e.g. Ghost, Zenworks, LanDesk, Altiris, or Kbox)
  • Anti-virus software
  • Office suite licensing
  • Cost of electronic textbooks
  • Tami Brass has posted a good list of applications here.

Infrastructure CostsEdit

  • Increase in login servers to handle load
  • Network disk space for student file backup
  • Increased demand for peripheral devices such as projectors and electronic whiteboards
  • Increase in wireless costs
  • E-mail licenses
  • Increase in paper and printing supplies

Personnel CostsEdit

  • Time for image development
  • Additional network support
  • Time for help-desk and tech support
  • Time for tech staff professional development
  • Communication development
  • Communication costs (ads, mailings to parents, time for parent awareness)

Professional DevelopmentEdit

  • Time for teacher training
  • Support for both faculty and students
  • Sending faculty to conferences and to visit other schools

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