As technology evolves, so does the way educators are providing instruction in the classroom. 1:1 classrooms refer to having one PC or laptop for every student in the school. Sometimes this can be difficult to manage if you do not have the proper classroom management technology implemented.

== Background on 1 to 1 Classrooms== 1:1 classrooms refer to a classroom in which every studnet has a PC or laptop. Many schools are evolving to this model to enhance learning and teach students how to effectively use technology in their daily lives. There are many funding mechanisms out there that schools are leveraging to provide assistance in procuring laptops for their students.

== Managing a 1:1 Classroom== Managing a 1:1 Classroom may not be as difficult as you think. Classroom management software, such as CrossTec SchoolVue can be utilized to enhance learning in your classroom in a 1:1 environment. Unlike other classroom management programs out there, CrossTec SchoolVue flawlessly manages computers in a wireless environment, an area where all others fall short.

Classroom management software, such as SchoolVue gives instructors control of classroom technology at all times. This provides teachers with the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with students and ultimately manage the classroom more effectively.

SchoolVue classroom management philosophy enables instructors to understand exactly what every student is working on, keep students’ attention, and increase student time on-task by increasing teacher/student interaction and taking advantage of new technology.

Classroom management software allows teachers to engage students for better learning and better grades. Students can collaborate on demo sessions, and interact with instructors and other students when necessary. Students are granted privacy to ask questions or for help. Others in the classroom need not know about these conversations. Instructors have found that SchoolVue is a valuable tool in overcoming a student’s shyness and/or embarrassment.

Increasing student time on-task is a very important feature of classroom management software. Monitor and control every student's computer activity from a single PC, and know exactly what every student is working on. Send reminder messages to students that are off task. Send positive messages or show work to the rest of the class if a student is doing particularly doing good work.

== Download Classroom Management Software ==

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